Thanks Newtownstewart

Thanks to all the members of the Newtownstewart Drama Festival committee for all the support and assistance, and of course thanks to the audience for the fantastic welcome, helping to make our first night on the circuit a truly enjoyable and memorable experience. Results night tonight. We’ll keep you posted!

First Date on the Circuit for ‘God of Carnage’: Newtownstewart, Feb. 27th

‘The God of Carnage’ hits the road today for the Newtownstewart Drama Festival, the first date in the 2015 All Ireland Full-Length Drama festival circuit for the Ballyshannon Drama Society. After months of rehearsal and four nights in the Abbey Arts Centre, the world of Michel, Veronique, Annette and Alain is packed into the back of a van and transported to a new stage, a new audience, and an adjudication by Terry Byrne. The show begins at 8pm in St. Eugene’s Parochial Hall. If you’re nearby, come along to the show, and make yourself known to the cast and crew as all support is genuinely appreciated on the night. Results night in Newtownstewart is Saturday, February 28th. We will keep you posted…

Opening Night Special €10

‘The God of Carnage’ opens on Tuesday the 10th of February, and to celebrate all tickets on Opening Night are €10! Don’t miss it! In modern day Paris, two civilised and cultured pairs of parents, the Raleighs and the Vallons, meet to discuss a fight between their boys. What could be more civilised? An excellent example for the children! However it isn’t long before the polite veneer wears away, couple turns on couple, spouse turns on spouse, and civilised behaviour runs away with the hamster… Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night at 8.30. Booking: 0873420301 or contact the Abbey Centre Box Office on 071 9851375. Tickets are €10 for everyone on opening night, Tuesday. €15/€12 Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.