Don’t Miss ‘All My Sons’, Sunday March 6th, 4 & 8.30pm

There are only 4 days to go until the opening and closing performances of ‘All My Sons’ in Ballyshannon!

Here we have a few shots from an early dress rehearsal, set in the backyard of Joe and Kate Keller’s home, where the story unfolds over the course of one dramatic day.

There will be two shows, our opening matinee performance at 4pm, followed very quickly by our closing show at 8.30pm. If you haven’t already booked, you can book online via the Abbey Arts Centre website.

Why only two shows in one day? Unfortunately we had to cancel our original scheduled run of 4 nights, and now we want to give everyone a chance to come and see this fantastic production before we head out on the circuit!

‘All My Sons’ by Arthur Miller
Abbey Arts Centre, Ballyshannon
Sunday March 6th
2 performances: 4pm & 8.30pm
Book Online: