Past Winners




1952 Loreto Players, Dublin (“Bonaventure”)

1953 Keady, Co. Armagh (“Shadow of a Gunman”)

1954 Breffni Players, Carrick-on-Shannon (“Broken Vows”)

1955 Mount Lourdes P.P.U., Enniskillen (“Today and Yesterday”)

1956 St. Columba’s P.P.U., Derry (“The Patsy”)

1957 Sligo Drama Circle (“Thy Dear Father”)

1958 St. Columba’s P.P.U., Derry (“All My Sons”)

1959 St. Columba’s P.P.U., Derry (“Charley’s Aunt”)

1960 Tuam Theatre Guild (“King of Friday’s Men”)

1961 Tuam (“Winter Wedding”)

1962 Sligo (“My Three Angels”)

1963 Lifford (“Thy Dear Father”)

1964 Athlone Little Theatre Guild (“The Rough and Ready Lot”)

1965 Tuam (“The Crucible Guild”)

1966 Tuam (“A Man for All Seasons”)

1967 Lifford Players (“All Souls Night”)

1968 Tuam (“Dinny and the Witches”)

1969 Sligo (“The Glass Menagerie”)

1970 Lifford (“The Wayward Saint”)

1971 Lifford (“Over the Bridge”)

1972 Ballintra Players, Co. Monaghan (“Son of War”)

1973 Ballintra Players, Co. Monaghan (“Duff’s Disciples”)

1974 Sligo (“Men without Shadows”)

1975 Carrigallen Community Players (“The Honey Spike”)

1976 ‘71 Players, Derry (“Freedom of the City”)

1977 Tuam (“The Sanctuary Lamp”)

1978 ‘71 Players, Derry (“Blithe Spirit”)

1979 Lifford (“The Black Stranger”)

1980 ‘71 Players, Derry (“Abigail’s Party”)

1981 ‘71 Players, Derry (“Me Oul Segocia”)

1982 Phoenix Players, Tubbercurry (“King of Fridays Men”)

1983 Mercury (“Home”)

1984 Tuam Theatre Guild (“Famine”)

1985 Phoenix Players, Tubbercurry (“The Communication Cord”)

1986 Olivian Players, Dublin (“Agnes of God”)

1987 Lifford Players (“Translations”)

1988 Butt Drama Circle (“The Black Stranger”)

1989 Drumlin Players (“Faith Healer”)

1990 Garrymore (“Playboy of the Western World”)

1991 Garrymore (“The Field”)

1992 Lough Gill (“The Playboy of the Western World”)

1993 Donegal (“Making History”)

1994 Charlestown (“A Lie of the Mind”)

1995 College Players, Limerick (“Metamorphosis”)

1996 Breffni Players (“Educating Rita”)

1997 Puddle Alley, Strabane (“Run For Your Wife”)

1998 Holywood Players, (“A Man for All Seasons”)

1999 Lifford Players (“Drama at Inish”)

2000 Coolera (“Duet for One)

2002 Butt Drama Circle (“Dancing at Lughnasa”)

2003 Coolera (“Someone who’ll watch over me”)

2004 Lifford Players (“Waiting for Godot”)

2005 Coolera Dramatic Society (“Da”)

2006 Cornmill (“Dig”)

2007 KATS (“All my Sons”)

2008 Coolera Drama Society (“The Caretaker”)

2009 Estuary Players, Dublin (“The Last Days of Judas Iscariot”)

2010 Butt Drama Circle (“The New Electric Ballroom”)

2011 Bradán Players               (‘Tom and Viv’)

2012 Cornmill (“The Seafarer’”)

2013 Silken Thomas Players (“Mercury Fur’”)

2014 Bradán Players (‘Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf’)

2015 Letterkenny Music & Drama Group (“The 39 Steps”)

2016 Prosperous (“One Man, Two Guv’nors”)



1952 Convent of Mercy P.P.U., Enniskillen (“The Heiress”)

1953 Navan Pioneer Players (“The Far-off Hills”)

1954 Catholic Club Players, Boyle (“Arsenic and Old Lace”)

1955 Breffni Players, Carrick-on-Shannon (“The Devil a Saint Would Be”)

1956 Clones Dramatic Society (“Margaret Gillian”)

1957 St. Columba’s College Union D.S., Derry (“The Passing Day”)

1958 Sligo Drama Circle (“The Money Doesn’t Matter”)

1959 Sligo Drama Circle (“God’s Gentry”)

1960 Sligo Drama Circle (“Montserrat”)

1961 Bernadette Players, Sligo (“Ill Met by Moonlight”)

1962 Lifford Players (“Black Stranger”)

1963 Navan Pioneer Players (“The Honey Spike”)

1964 Tuam Theatre Group (“Antigone”)

1965 Lifford Players (“Them”)

1966 Lifford Players (“A View from the Bridge”)

1967 Sligo Drama Circle (“The Playboy of the Western World”)

1968 Ballintra Players, Monaghan (“Tarry Flynn”)

1969 Ballintra Players, Monaghan (“The King of the Castle”)

1970 Claremorris Players (“My Three Angels”)

1971 Mid Ulster D.C., Carrickmore (“The Quare Fellow”)

1972 Sligo Drama Circle (“The Crucible”)

1973 Claremorris (“The Black Stranger”)

1974 Tuam (“The Party”)

1975 Sligo D.C. (“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”)

1976 Ballintra Players (“The Just”)

1977 ‘71 Players, Derry (“The Patsy”)

1978 Lifford (“Sive”)

1979 ‘71 Players, Derry (“Over the Bridge”)

1980 The Hacklers (“Waiting for Godot”)

1981 Tuam Theatre Guild (“Talbot’s Box”)

1982 Moate Club, Naas (“Blood Wedding”)

1983 Strand Players (“All’s Well That Ends Well”)

1984 Lifford Players (“All Soul’s Night”)

1985 Lifford Players (“The Wood of the Whispering”)

1986 Lifford Players (“The Playboy of the Western World”)

1987 Phoenix Players (“A View from the Bridge”)

1988 Bardic (“Juno and the Paycock”)

1989 Bardic (“The Birthday Party”)

1990 Lifford (“A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer’s Assistant”)

1991 Lifford (“Philadelphia, Here I Come”)

1992 Tuam (“Bailegangaire”)

1993 Lifford (“The Passing Day”)

1994 Donegal (“Carthaginians”)

1995 Drumlin Players (“The Gigli Concert”)

1996 Coolera (“I Do Not Like Thee, Dr. Fell”)

1997 Silver Apple (“No Comet Seen”)

1998 Lifford (“The Barracks”)

1999 Holywood Players (“Lettice and Lovage”)

2000 Castleblaney (“At the Black Pig’s Dyke”)

2003 Butt Drama Circle (“Dancing at Lughnasa”)

2004 Lifford Players (“Waiting For Gadot”)

2005 KATS (“Harvey’s”)

2006 Lifford (“Twelve Angry Men”)

2007 Cornmill (“Down”)

2008 Cornmill (“The Trappe Family”)

2009 Bangor Drama Club (‘True West’)

2010 Lifford Players ‘Philadelphia, Here I Come’

2011 Silken Thomas Players    ‘Angels in America’

2012 Bradán Players               ‘Hedda Gabler’

2013 Coolera (“Butterfly of Killybegs”)

2014 Letterkenny Music/Drama                ‘The Chronicles of Long Kesh’

2015 Cornmill Theatre Company (“The Dead School”)

2016 Prosperous (“One Man, Two Guv’nors”)


CONFINED WINNERS(Originally Rural)

1952 No competition

1953 No competition

1954 No competition

1955 No competition

1956 Coolmore Players, Ballyshannon (“The Cobwebs Glory”)

1957 Aclare D.S. (“Vacant Possession”)

1958 Lifford Players (“All Souls Night”)

1959 Keady D.S. (“Vacant Possession”)

1960 Breffni Players, Carrick-on-Shannon.

1961 Mountbellew D.S., Galway (“Bugle in the Blood”)

1962 Lifford Players (“The Black Stranger”)

1963 Castlederg Players (“The Far Off Hills”)

1964 Lifford Players (“King of Fridays Men”)

1965 Charlestown Players (“The Year of the Hiker”)

1966 Charlestown Players (“That Family Feeling”)

1967 Breffni Players, Carrick-on-Shannon (“Seadhna”)

1968 Ballintra Players, Co. Monaghan (“Tarry Flynn”)

1969 Charlestown D.S. (“An Inspector Calls”)

1970 Mid-Ulster Drama Circle, Carrickmore (“The Rugged Path”)

1971 Breffni Players, Carrick-on-Shannon (“The Man in the Cloak”)

1972 Carrigallen Community Players (“Bugle in the Blood”)

1973 Carrigallen (“Sharon’s Grave”)

1974 Carrigallen (“The Shaughran”)

1975 Carrigallen (“The Honey Spike”)

1976 Butt D.C. (“The Righteous Are Bold”)

1977 Butt D.C. (“I Remember Mama”)

1978 Butt D.C. (“Friends and Neighbours”)

1979 Carrick-on-Shannon (“The Playboy”)

1980 Butt D.C. (“The Miracle Worker”)

1981 Tubbercurry (“Philadelphia, Here I Come”)

1982 Tubbercurry (“King of Fridays Men”)

1983 Tubbercurry (“Rashomon”)

1984 Tubbercurry (“Old Road”)

1985 Cloonclare (“Big Maggie”)

1986 Bardic (“The Diary of Anne Frank”)

1987 Bundoran (“Key for Two”)

1988 Glenamaddy (“Michaelmas Eve”)

1989 Bundoran (“Key for Two”)

1990 Bundoran (“Pools Paradise”)

1991 Coolera (“Sharon’s Grave”)

1992 Lough Gill (“Playboy of the Western World”)

1993 Drumshanbo (“Conversations on a Homecoming”)

1994 Drumshanbo (“How the Other Half Loves”)

1995 Pomeroy (“Philadelphia, Here I Come”)

1996 Puddle Alley Group, Strabane (“The Last Apache Reunion”)

1997 Puddle Alley, Strabane (“Run For Your Wife”)

1998 Pomeroy (“Da”)

1999 Puddle Alley (“Stella by Starlight”)

2000 Letterkenny (“All the King’s Men)

2002 Ennis Players (“The Beauty Queen of Leenane”)

2003 Butt Drama (“Communication Cord”)

2004 KATS (“A View from the Bridge”)

2005 KATS (“Harvey”)

2006 Lifford (“Twelve Angry Men”)

2007 Cornmill (“The Trappe Family”)

2008 Backburners Drama Circle               (“Shoot the Crow”)

2009 Droichead Nua                (“The Lonesome West”)

2010 Phoenix (“The Mai”)

2011 Backburners (“Immaculate”)

2012 Letterkenny Music & Drama Group (“The 39 Steps”)

2013 Pomery Players (“Tarry Flynn”)

2014 Phoenix Players (“The word of the Whispering”)

2015 Phoenix Players (“Play On”)

2016 DADS (“The Gigli Concert”)



1952 P. G. Stephens, Ballina “Paddy Peddlar” Oshla

1953 V. Wheatley, Clones, “Vacant Possession” Fixit

  1. G. Stephens, Ballina “Playboy of the Western World” Christy Maho

1954 V. J. Wheatley, Clones “Mungoes Mansions” Mowledgs

1955 Brian Coleman Nomads, Cavan “Is the Priest at Home” The Curate

1956 Bill H ickey Ballina, “Thy Dear Father” Jack

1957 A. J. Faulkner, Athlone L.T.G. “Shadow and Substance” Canon Skerritt

1958 Paddy Dooney, Sligo D.C. “The Money Doesn’t Matter” Kenirons

1959 Paddy Dooney, Sligo D.C. “Gods Gentry” John Melody

1960 Harry Williamson, Tuam L.T.G. “The King of Fridays Men” Bartley Dowd

1961 Morgan O’Connell, Tuam L.T.G. “Winter Wedding” Muirgean

1962 Joe Dillon, Tuam L.T.G. “The Evidence I Shall Give” Verity

1963 T. O’Doherty, Lifford Players “Thy Dear Father” Jack

1964 Paddy Brophy, Athlone T.G. “The Rough and Ready Lot” Capt. Kelly

1965 Joe Dillon, Tuam L.T.G. “The Crucible”

1966 Joe Dillon, Tuam L.T.G. “A Man for All Seasons” Sir Thomas More

1967 Sean O’Reilly, Sligo D.C. “Playboy of the Western World” Playboy

1968 John McArdle, Ballintra, Co. Monaghan “Tarry Flynn” Tarry Flynn

1969 Aussie Bryson, Lifford Players “Macooks Corner” Adam

1970 T. & J. McArdle, Ballintra, Co. Monaghan “Philadelphia, Here I Come”

1971 Peter McGovern, Mid-Ulster D.C., Carrickmore “The Quare Fellow” Dunlavin

1972 John Lawlor, Ballintra, Co. Monaghan “Son of Man” Jesus

1973 Aiden Swords, Charlestown “Rashomon” Bandit

1974 Walter Harringto, Strand Players “Enemies” Yakon Bardin

1975 Dan O’Connell, Charlestown Group “The Teahouse of the August Moon” Capt. Fisby

1976 Martin Rafferty, ‘71 Players, Derry “The Freedom of the City” Skinner

1977 Jerry King, Tuam Theatre Guild “The Sanctuary Lamp” Harry

1978 Jim Lawlor, Ballintra Players “Luther” Martin Sean McCormack Lifford Players

“Sive” The Matchmaker

1979 Jim Bradley, Lifford Players “The Black Stranger” Peter McCarthy

1980 Paddy Murray, the Hacklers “Waiting for Godot” Uladimir

1981 Peter McGirr, ‘71 Players, Derry “Me Oul Segocia” Marty

1982 Aussie Bryson, Lifford Players “Macook’s Corner” Adam Lily

1983 John Morgan, Mercury Players “Home” Cephus Miles

1984 Kevin Dwyer, Tuam Theatre Guild “Famine” Dan O’Dea

1985 Dan O’Connell, Charlestown Group “The Dresser” Sir

1986 Leo McBride, Lifford Players “The Playboy of the Western World” Shaun Keogh

1987 Niall Coyle, Lifford Players “Translations” Lieut. Yolland

1988 Edmund Sweeney, Bardic Theatre Group “Juno and the Paycock” Joxer

1989 Hugh O’Brien, Drumlin Players “Faith Healer” Teddy

1990 Ronnie Moran, Omagh “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” M. C. Murphy

1991 Hugh McGowan, Bank of Irl., Dublin “Abelard and Heloise” Peter Abelard

1992 Adrian McKinney, Omagh “Silver Tassie” Harry Keegan

1993 Paul Buckley, Donegal “Making History” Hugh O’Neill

1994 Harry Harvey, Donegal “Carthiginians” Dido

1995 Hugh O’Brien, Drumlin “Gigli Concert” JPW King

1996 John McDwyer, Carrick-on-Shannon “Educating Rita” Frank Bryant

1997 Aussie Bryson, Lifford “The Enemy Within” Columba

1998 Maurice Kehoe, Coolera “Steward of Christendom Thomas

1999 Henry Quinn, Butt “The Cripple of Irishman” Kate

2000 Michael Carroll, Castleblaney “At the Black Pig’s Dyke” Frank Beirne

2002 Brian & Stephen Devaney, Coolera Dramatic Society “The Lonesome West” Coleman Connor, Valene Connor

2003 Maurice Keogh, Coolera Dramatic Society “Someone who’ll watch over me” Edward

2004 Michael Rooney, KATS, Galway “A View from a Bridge” Eddie Carbone

2005 Sean Smyth, KATS, Galway “Harvey” Elwood

2006 Brian O’ Reilly, Corn Mill “Dig” James

2007 Sean McCormack, Lifford Players “Moonshine” Reverent Langton

2008 Gerry Ryan, Coolera “The Caretaker” Davis

2009 Patrick Mc Brearty, Lifford “The Black Stranger” Bart Corcoran

2010 Patrick Mc Brearty, Lifford “Philadelphia here I come”

2011 Conor Malone, Silken Thomas Players

2012 Ray Hackett, – Cornmill Theatre Group

2013 James Murphy, Silken Thomas Players

2014 George Hogan, Bradán Players

2015 Kieran Kelly, Letterkenny Music and Drama Group, Richard Hannay – “The 39 Steps”

2016 Robert Massey, Prosperous



1952 Nan McGrady, Boyle D.G. “Maurice Harte” Mrs. Harte

1953 Bridie Fahey, Ballina D.G. “Playboy of the Western World” Pegeen Mike

1954 Nan Grady, Boyle D.G. “Arsenic and Old Lace” Abbey Brewster

1955 Mary Stephens, Bundoran Players “Right Again Barnum” Martha Marley

1956 Dympna Armstrong, Derry St. Columba’s P.P.U. “The Patsy” The Patsy

1957 Mary Watson, Sligo D.C. “Rebecca” Mrs. De Winters

1958 Josephine Lappin, Sligo D.C. “The Money Doesn’t Matter” Nora

1959 Molly Martin, Ballymote D.C. “Master Dudley” Mrs. Molly Lynch

1960 Mary Watson, Sligo Bernadette Players “The Blind Wolf” Elizabeth

1961 Mary Watson, Sligo Bernadette Players “Ill Met By Moonlight” Catherine Malleroe

1962 Margaret Harte, Lifford Players “Black Stranger” The Mother

1963 Frances Quigley, Lifford Players “Thy Dear Friend” Eileen

1964 Patricia Kennedy, Tuam L.T.G. “Antigone” Antigone

1965 Patricia King, Tuam L.T.G. “The Crucible” NA

1966 Frances Quigley, Lifford Players “A View from the Bridge” Beatrice

1967 Elaine Nugent, Lifford Players “All Souls Night” Molly Trainor

1968 Bernadette Doherty, Lifford Players “The Field” Marie Flanagan

1969 Imelda Walsh, Sligo D.C. “The Glass Menagerie” Laura

1970 Bernadette Doherty, Lifford Players “The Wayward Saint” Maura Monigan

1971 No awards made

1972 Joan Fitzpatrick, Sligo Drama Circle “The Crucible” Elizabeth Proctor

1973 Patricia King, Tuam T.G. “The Loves of Cass Maguire” Cass

1974 Maria McDermottroe, Sligo D.C. “Men without Shadows” Lucie

1975 Maria McDermottroe, Sligo D.C. “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” Margaret

1976 May Friel, ‘71 Players, Derry “The Freedom of the City” Lily

1977 Mary Stewart, Tuam Theatre Guild “The Sanctuary Lamp” Mandie

1978 Noeleen Ball, ‘71 Players, Derry “Blithe Spirit” Ruth

1979 Anne O’Doherty, Lifford Players “The Black Stranger” Bridie

1980 Christine McIvor, ‘71 Players, Derry “Abigail’s Party” Angela

1981 Carmel McCafferty, ‘71 Players, Derry “Me Oul Segocia” Dolly Marshall

1982 Ann Magaatarian, Moate Club, Naas “Blood Wedding” Mother-in-law

1983 Mgt. O Dalaigh, Strand “All’s Well That Ends Well” Countess of Rossillion

1984 Pat King, Tuam, “Famine” Mother

1985 Patricia King, Tuam Theatre Guild “The Bachelor’s Daughter” Kate Rainey

1986 Breige Bradley, Lifford Players “The Playboy” Mgt. Flaherty

1987 Rita Gannon, Phoenix Players “A View from the Bridge” Beatrice

1988 Pauline McGowan, Butt D.C. “The Black Stranger” Bridie

1989 Maureen Kellagher, Drumlin Players “Faith Healer” Grace

1990 Kathleen McGowan, Butt D.C. “Big Maggie” Maggie Philbin

1991 Jennifer O’Neill, Bank of Ire., Dublin “Abelard and Heloise” Heloise

1992 Patricia King, Tuam “Bailegangaire” Mommo

1993 Zeita Brannigan, Donegal “Making History” Mabel Bagenal

1994 Margaret Niland, Charlestown “A Lie Of the Mind” Beth

1995 Pauline McGowan, Butt “Monday after the Miracle” Helen Keller

1996 Geraldine Cranogue, Carrick-on-Shannon “Educating Rita” Rita

1997 Karen Kilfeather, Coolera Dramatic Society “Lovers Meeting” Mary Sheridan

1998 Breige Bradley, Lifford “The Barracks” Elizabeth Regan

1999 Carole Stewart, Holywood “Lettice and Lovage” Lettice Douffet

2000 Mary McDonnell, Coolera “Duet for One” Stephanie Abrahams

2002 Kathleen McGowan, Butt Drama Circle “Dancing at Lughnasa” Maggie

2003 Kathleen McGowan, Butt Drama Circle “Communications Cord” Nora, Dan

2004 Caroline Burke, Breffni Players “The Playboy of the Western World” Pegeen Mike

2005 Geraldine Holmes, KATS “Harvey” Veta

2006 Linda Thompson, Blue Transit “Night Mother” Jessie

2007 Geraldine Holmes, Kats “All My Sons” Kate Kellor

2008 Miriam Pettit, KATS “The Glass Menagerie” Laura

2009 Lisa Harley, Lifford “The Black Stranger” Bridie

2010 Aoife Boyce, Butt Drama “The New Electric Ballroom”- Ada

2011 Jenny Ni Lucais, – Bradán Players

2012 Jenny Ní Lucais, – Bradán Players

2013 Marion Carroll, Yellow Moon Theatre Company

2014 Helena Stout, Bradán Players

2015 Elaine Gillespie, Letterkenny, Annabella/Pamela/Margaret – “The 39 Steps”

2016 Amanda Ryan, Prosperous



1973 Kathleen McGowan, Butt S.C. “Johnny Belinda” Belinda

1974 Ann Gallagher, Carrickmore “Mistress of Novices” Bernadette

1975 Maura Farrelly, Carrigallen “The Honeyspike” Breda Claffey

1976 Kathleen McGowan, Butt D.C. “The Righteous Are Bold” Mark K. Geraty

1977 Kathleen McGowan, Butt D.C. “I Remember Mama” Mama

1978 Phil Mulligan, Cloonclare “The Plough and the Stars” Bessie Burgess

1979 Teresa Higgins, the Neale “All My Sons” Ann Deever

1980 Charlotte Scully, Butt D.C. “The Miracle Worker” Helen Keller

1981 Mary Hunt, Claremorris “Them” Brid Flaherty

1982 Brid McDermott, Carrick-on-Shannon “The Shadow of a Gunman” Mrs. Grigson

1983 Eileen Nic Eochaidh, Cloonclare “Shadow and Substance” Brigid

1984 Susan Houston, Butt D.C. “Johnny Belinda” Belinda

1985 Kathleen McGowan, Butt D.C. “Toys in the Attic” Carrie Bernice

1986 Mary O’Neill, Bardic “The Diary of Anne Frank” Anne Frank

1987 Marguerite Travers, Bundoran “See How They Run” Penelope

1988 Marguerite Travers, Bundoran “The Righteous Are Bold” Nora Geraty

1989 Marguerite Travers, Bundoran “Key For Two” Harriet

1990 Lorraine McGloin, Bundoran “Pools Paradise” Ida

1991 Kathleen Owens, Errigan Ciaran “Macook’s Corner” Hannah Macook

1992 Teresa Relihan, Coolera “Tarry Flynn” Mrs. Flynn

1993 Patricia McKenna, Drumshanbo “Conversations on a Homecoming” Peggy

1994 Patricia McKenna, Drumshanbo “How the Other Half Loves” Fiona Foster

1995 Pauline Casey, Pomeroy “Philadelphia, Here I Come” Madge

1996 Odette Lynch, Drumshanbo “Time Of My Life” Maureen

1997 Eileen McGarrigle, Puddle Alley “Run For Your Wife” Barbara Smith

1998 Joanne Haughey, Puddle Alley “Why Not Stay for Breakfast” Louise Hamilton

1999 Eileen McGarrigle, Puddle Alley “Stella by Starlight” Stella

2000 Odette Lynch, Drumshanbo “Hamlet” Ophelia

2002 Maura Walzer, Ennis Players “The Beauty Queen of Leenane Maureen Folan

2003 Lorna Mc Lennon, Clonabogan “Boyd’s Shop” Miss McClurg

2004 Noelle Makaterian, Phoenix Players “Our Town” Mrs. Gibbs

2005 Bernadette O’Brian, Creggan Drama Circle “April Bright” Kate

2006 Phyllis Fitzsimons, Backburners “Craddocks Well” Eileen Dykes

2007 Noelle Mekaterian, Phoenix Players “At the Black Pigs Dyke” Lizzie

2008 Lisa Harley, “Run For Your Wife” Mary Smith

2009 Lorraine Fallon, Droichid Nua “Lonesome West” Girleen

2010 Margaret Kilcoyne, Phoenix Players – “The Mai” – Millie

2011 Ciara Connolly, Backburners D.C – “Immaculate” – Mia

2012 Elaine Gillespie, Letterkenny, Annabella/Pamela/Margaret – “The 39 Steps”

2013 Francis Jordan, Pomeroy Players – “Terry Flynn” – Mrs Flynn

2014 Mairead Eastwood, Pomeroy Players – “Portia Coughlin” – Portia

2015 Tina Ward, Glenamaddy Players, Peggy – “Stolen Child”

2016 Briege McSorley, Newtownstewart


Previously there was only one award for “Best Individual Performance” in Rural Section. Apart from 1963 and 1961, the winners were all males.


In previous years there was no Rural Class acting award

1959 Terence O’Doherty, Lifford Players “Is the Priest At Home” The Curate

1960 Seamus Byrne, Charlestown D.C. “The Country Boy” Tom Maher

1961 Noreen Keady, Mountbellew “Bugle in the Blood” Evelyn

1962 Ml. McDaid, Lifford Players “Black Stranger” Sean the Fool

1963 Mgt. Harte, Lifford Players “Thy Dear Father” Bartley

1964 Aussie Bryson, Lifford Players “The King of Friday’s Men” Bartley

1965 Paddy Hentry, Charlestown D.C. “The Year of the Hiker” The Hiker

1966 Joe Walsh, Charlestown D.C. “That Family Feeling” Harry Freyne

1967 Chris Reid, Ballymote D.S. “The Field” The Bishop

1968 John McArdle, Ballintra Players “Tarry Flynn” Tarry Flynn

1969 Tomas O Duibhir, Cloonclare Players “Home Is the Hero” Paddo

1970 Peter McGovern, Mid-Ulster D.C., Carrickmore “The Rugged Path” Hugh Dolis

1971 Mickey Lynch, Breffni Players “The Man in the Cloak” Clarence Mangan

1972 Joe McKiernan,Cloonclare Players “Juno and the Paycock” Joxer

In previous years the award was for Best Individual Performance in Rural Section

1973 John Conway, Carrick-on-Shannon “Arrah-no-Pogue” Major Coffin

1974 Tommy Moran, Carrigallen “The Shaughran” Conn

1975 Aiden Harte, Carrigallen “The Honeyspike” Martin Claffey

1976 John Donnelly, Carrigallen “Big Maggie” Byrne

1977 Jon Watters, Butt D.C. “I Remember Mama” Uncle Chris1

978 Cathal Magee, Cloonclare “The Plough and the Stars” The Young Covey

1979 Rev. P. V. O’Brien, the Neale “All My Sons” Joe Keller

1980 Jim Boles, Cloonclare “The Crucible” Rev. John Hale

1981 Ml. Dowd, Claremorris “Them” Johnsie Flaherty

1982 Peter Davey, Tubbercurry “The King of Friday’s Men” Bartley Dowd

1983 Conal Gallen, Butt D.C. “Sharon’s Grave” Dinzie Conlee

1984 Sean McLoone, Tubbercurry “Old Road” Myles Cosgrove

1985 Pat Keenan, Cloonclare “Big Maggie” Byrne

1986 Iain Frazer, Bardic “The Diary of Anne Frank” Otto Frank

1987 Padraic Newman, Castlerea “Ring Around the Moon” Hugo

1988 John Heneghan, Glenamaddy “Michaelmas Eve” Hugh

1989 Mark Stafford, Rathangan “Dry Rot” Albert Polignal

1990 Ray Leonard, Garrymore “Playboy” Michael Flaherty

1991 Stephen Devanney, Coolera “Sharon’s Grave” Dinzie Conlee

1992 George Lavery, Errigal Ciaran “Lovers” Andy

1993 Charlie McGettigan, Drumshanbo “Conversations on a Homecoming” Michael

1994 Brian Molloy, Harvest “The Star Spangled Girl” Andy Hobart

1995 John. H. Goodfellow, Pomeroy “Philadelphia, Here I Come” S.B. O’Donnell

1996 Aodh McCay, Puddle Alley “The Last Apache Reunion” Harry

1997 Conor Sheridan, Bailiboro “Wild Harvest” Pat O’Connor

1998 John Goodfellow, Pomeroy “Da” Da

1999 Tommy Sweeney, Letterkenny “Wedding Fever” Alex Galbraith

2000 Tommy Sweeney, Letterkenny “All the King’s Horses” Michael Maloney

2002 Frank McGillion, The Backburners “The Year of the Hiker” The Hiker

2003 Des Garrett, Melting Pot “Lonesome West” Valene

2004 Colin Callinan, Phoenix Players “Our Town” George

2005 John Bowdren, Droichead Nua Players “The Kings of the Kilburn High Road” Jap

2006 Kevin Lalor, Fitzpatrick Droichead Nua “Sive” Thomaseen Sean Nua

2007 Shauna Goodfellow, Pomeroy Players “See How They Run” Ida

2008 Frank McGillion, Backburners “Shoot the Crow” Ding Dong

2009 Allan Clarke, Drochid Nua “Lonesome West” Fr. Welsh

2010 Fintan Gallaher, Backburners – “The Gentle Island” – Peter Quinn

2011 Tom Walsh, Phoenix Players – “A Crucial week in the Life of a Grocers Assistant” – Fr Walsh

2012 Cian Mannion, – Phoenix Players – “The Cripple of Inishmaan” – Billy

2013 Danny McLernon, St Dympna’s “When we were Married” Ruby Birtle

2014 Maurice Keogh, “The Wood of the Whispering” Sanbatch

2015 Eamon Gallagher, Phoenix Players, Henry Benish – “Play On”

2016 Ollie Turner, DADS, “The Gigli Concert”


No stage manager Awards prior to 1962.

1962 Eric Gregan, Sligo D.C. “My Three Angels”

1963 Vincent McGillick, Navan Pioneer Players “The Honey Spike”

1964 John McDermott, Lifford Players “The King of Friday’s Men”

1965 Fr. O’Brien, Tuam L.T.G. “The Crucible”

1966 Not recorded Sligo D.C. “Juno and the Paycock”

1967 Ml. O’Flynn, Castlerea D.S. “Roots”

1968 Not recorded, Tuam L.T.G. “Dinny and the Witches”

1969 Not recorded, Ballintra Players “The King of the Castle”

1970 Margo Quinn, Lifford Players “The Wayward Saint”

1971 Not recorded, Claremorris Players “Dark of the Moon”

1972 John Kirrane, Claremorris Players “The Devil’s Disciple”

1973 Finbola Clancy, Ballintra “Duff’s Disciples”

1974 Donal Coffey, Carrigallen “The Shaughran”

1975 Cathal Sheridan, Carrigallen “The Honey Spike”

1976 Bernie Forde/Pat McManus Sligo D.C. “My Three Angels”

1977 Ben McHugh, Cloonclare “On Trial”

1978 Cathal Sheridan, Carrigallen “To Live In Peace”

1979 Patsy Durning, ‘71 Players, Derry “Over The Bridge”

1980 Ben McHugh, Cloonclare “The Crucible”

1981 Joe Walsh, Charlestown “See How They Run”

1982 Fergal McNabb/C. Woods, Omagh Players “The Field”

1983 Billy Kilgannon, Phoenix Players “Rashomon”

1984 Frank Kielty, Breffni, Carrick-on-Shannon “Drama At Inish”

1985 Paddy O’Donnell, Tuam T.G. “The Bachelor’s Daughter”

1986 Malachy McCullagh, Bardic T.C. “The Diary of Anne Frank”

1987 Mary Connolly, Bundoran D.G. “See How They Run”

1988 Matt Flesk, Tuam T.G. “The Plough and the Stars”

1989 Malachy McCullagh, Bardic “The Birthday Party”

1990 Tommy Morris, Lifford “A Grocer’s Assistant”

1991 Tom Caldwell, Bank of Ire., Dublin “Abelard and Heloise”

1992 Malachy McCullagh & Marie McDaid, Bardic “Wait Until Dark”

1993 Brian Buckley, Donegal “Making History”

1994 Mary Doyle, Drumshanbo “How the Other Half Loves”

1995 Dave Hunt, College Players “Metamorphosis”

1996 Mary Doyle, Drumshanbo “Time of My LIfe”

1997 Helen Bishop & Geraldine Loughlin, Castleblayney Players “Blue Remembered Hills”

1998 Tommy Morris, Puddle Alley “Why Not Stay for Breakfast”

1999 Terence Stewart, Holywood “Lettice And Lovage”

2000 Helen Bishop, Castleblaney “At The Black Pig’s Dyke”

2002 Anthony Bryson, Rory Patton, RyanGillespie, Butt Drama Circle “Dancing at Lughnasa”

2003 John James, Maye Phoenix Players “Man From Clare”

2004 Seamus Corrigan, Pomeroy “The Girls in the Big Picture”

2005 John James Maye, Phoenix Players “The Honeyspike”

2006 Blue Transit, “Night Mother”

2007 JC Bonar & James Kelly, Butt Drama Circle, “Abducting Diana” – Dario Fo

2008 Phoenix Players, “United”

2009 Cornmill, “Kevin’s Bed”

2010 Bradan, “Mauririus”

2011 Silken Thomas Player,  “Angels in America”

2012 Fiona McDaid, Letterkenny, “The 39 Steps”

2013 Damien Reilly & Killian McGuinness, Cornmill, “Brothers of the Brush”

2014 JC Bonnar, Butt Drama Circle, “Parlour Song”

2015 ‘The 39 Steps’, Letterkenny Music and Drama Group

2016 Marie Flanagan, Prosperous


1952 Rev. B. Tiernan, Boyle D.C. “Maurice Harte”

1953 Not recorded

1954 P. Dillon Breffni, Players “The Black Stranger”

1955 Sean Mulhern, Mt. Lourdes D.S., Enniskillen “Today and Yesterday”

1956 Not recorded, St. Columb’s P.P.U., D.S. The Patsy

1957 G. Westby, Bernadette Players, Sligo “Rebecca”

1958 Paddy Bogues, Lifford Players “All Souls Night”

1959 Diarmuid McDermott, St. Columb’s P.P.U., Derry “Charley’s Aunt”

1960 Paddy Dillon, Breffni Players “To Live In Peace”

1961 Rev. P. V. O’Brien, Tuam L.T.G. “Winter Wedding”

1962 – Lifford Players “The Black Stranger”

1963 Bobby Byrne, Navan Pioneer Players “The Honey Spike”

1964 Rev. P. V. O’Brien, Tuam L.T.G. “Antigone”

1965 Rev. P. V. O’Brien, Tuam L.T.G. “The Crucible”

1966 Rev. P. V. O’Brien, Tuam L.T.G. “A Man For All Seasons”

1967 Maurice Sweeney, Lifford Players “All Souls Night”

1968 Walter McDonagh, Sligo D.C. “J.B.”

1969 Liam McKinney, Sligo D.C. “The Glass Menagerie”

1970 No award

1971 Maurice Sweeney, Lifford Players “Over The Bridge”

1972 Tommy McArdle, Ballintra Players “Son of Man”

1973 Tom McArdle, Ballintra Players “Duff’s Disciples”

1974 Liam McKinney, Sligo Drama Circle “Men Without Shadows”

1975 Liam McKinney, Sligo Drama Circle “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”

1976 Jim Patton, ‘71 Players, Derry “The Freedom of the City”

1977 Bishop Edward Daly, ‘71 Players, Derry “The Patsy”

1978 Tom Doherty, ‘71 Players, Derry “Blithe Spirit”

1979 Maurice Sweeney, Lifford Players “The Black Stranger”

1980 Tom Doherty, ‘71 Players, Derry “Abigail’s Party”

1981 Tom Doherty, ‘71 Players, Derry “Me Oul Segocia”

1982 Pat Burke, Moate Club, Naas “Blood Wedding”

1983 Catherine Leahy, Mercury Players “Home”

1984 Catherine Leahy, Grove Players, Dublin “Noah”

1985 Philip O’Gorman, Phoenix, Tubbercurry “The Communication Cord”

1986 Terry O’Dea, Olivian Players “Agnes of God”

1987 Terry O’Doherty, Lifford Players “Translations”

1988 John McGranaghan, Butt Drama Circle “The Black Stranger”

1989 Sean Falloon, Bardic “The Birthday Party”

1990 Philip O’Gorman, Phoenix, Tubbercurry “Conversations on a Homecoming”

1991 Ray Leonard, Garrymore “The Field”

1992 Gerry King, Tuam “Bailegangaire”

1993 Paul Buckley, Donegal “Making History”

1994 Paddy Henry, Charlestown “A Lie of the Land”

1995 Joan McGarry, College Players “Metamorphosis”

1996 Paddy Henry, Charlestown “The Country Boy”

1997 Prin Duignan, Silver Apple Productions “No Comet Seen”

1998 Michael Fieldhouse, Holywood “A Man For All Seasons”

1999 Terry O’Doherty, Lifford “Drama At Inish”

2000 Bobby Jones, Coolera “Duet For One”

2002 Monica Doherty, Butt Drama Circle “Dancing at Lughnasa”

2003 Bobby Jones, Coolera – “Duet For One”

2004 John McGinely, Lifford Players – “Waiting for Gadot

2005 Maureen Carroll, Coolera – “Da”

2006 Terry O’Doherty, Lifford Players – “12 Angry Men”

2007 Paddy Henry, KATS – “All My Sons”

2008 Bobby Jones, Coolera – “The Caretaker”

2009 Myra Maguire, Estuary – “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot”

2010 Monica Doherty, Butt Drama Circle – “New Electric Ballroom”

2011 George Hogan, Brandan Players – “Tom and Viv”

2012 Sean McIntyre, Cornmill Theatre Group – “The Seafearer”

2013 Sean Judge, Silken Thomas Players – “Mercury Fur”

2014 Jenni Ni Luchais, Bradán Players – “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf”

2015 Pluincead O’Fearraigh, Letterkenny Music and Drama Group

2016 Lurlene Duggan, Prosperous, “One Man, Two Guv’nors”


No Awards prior to 1973.

1973 Paddy Dillon, Carrick-on-Shannon “Arrah-na-Pogue”

1974 Kieran Quinn, Butt D.C. “A Letter From The General”

1975 Rev. P. J. Young, Carrigallen “The Honey Spike”

1976 Kieran Quinn, Butt D.C. “The Righteous Are Bold”

1977 Fr. Patsy Young, Cloonclare “On Trial”

1978 Kieran Quinn, Butt D.C. “Friends and Neighbours”

1979 Kieran Quinn, Butt D.C. “Shadow in the Sun”

1980 Kieran Quinn, Butt D.C. “The Miracle Worker”

1981 Philip O’Gorman, Tubbercurry “Philadelphia, Here I Come”

1982 Angus Dunne, Carrick-on-Shannon “The Shadow of a Gunman”

1983 Philip O’Gorman, Tubbercurry “Rashomon”

1984 Philip O’Gorman, Tubbercurry “Old Road”

1985 Susan Doherty, Butt “Toys In The Attic”

1986 Sean Fallon, Bardic “The Diary of Anne Frank”

1987 Michael O’Flynn, Castlerea “Ring Around The Moon”

1988 Bridie Jennings, Glenamaddy “Michaelmas Eve”

1989 Frank O’Gorman, Bundoran “Key For Two”

1990 Ray Leonard, Garrymore “Playboy”

1991 Noeleen Mullin, Errigal Ciaran “Macook’s Corner”

1992 Fr. Patsy Young, Lough Gill “Playboy”

1993 Mairin O’Keefe, Drumshanbo “Conversations on a Homecoming”

1994 Mairin O’Keefe, Drumshanbo “How The Other Half Loves”

1995 Michael Murphy, Pomeroy “Philadelphia, Here I Come”

1996 Michael Murphy, Pomeroy “Making History”

1997 Pauric MacIntyre, Bailieboro Drama Group “Wild Harvest”

1998 Michael Murphy, Pomeroy “Da”

1999 Aodh McCay, Puddle Alley “Stella By Starlight”

2000 Pluinceid O Fearraigh, Letterkenny “All The Kings Horses”

2002 Allen Flynn, Ennis Players “The Beauty Queen of Leenane”

2003 Shauna Haughey, – Phoenix Players – “Man From Clare”

2004 Tom Walsh, – Phoenix Players – “Our Town”

2005 Paddy Melia, – Droichead Nua Players – “The Kings of the Kilburn High Road”

2006 Frank McGillion, – Backburners – “Craddocks Well”

2007 Michelle Casey, – Pomery Players – “See How they Run”

2008 Aodh McCay, Puddle Alley – “Run for your Wife”

2009 Paddy Melia, Droichead Nua – “Lonesome West”

2010 Pater Davey, Phoenix Players – “The Mai”

2011 Paul Browne, Backburners DC – “Immaculate”

2012 Pluinceid O Fearraigh, Letterkenny – “The 39 Steps”

2013 Michael Murphy, Pomeroy Players – “Tarry Flynn”

2014 Peter Davie, Phoenix Players – “The Wood of the Whispering”

2015 Coman Keaveny, Glenamaddy Players –“Stolen Child”

2016 Philip MacDonnell, DADS, “The Gigli Concert”


1952 Hilton Edwards

1953 Harold Goldblatt

1954 J. Struan Robertson

1955 Gerda Redlich

1956 Seamus Breathnach

1957 Godfrey Quigley

1958 Barry Cassin

1959 Tomas Mac Anna

1960 Michael MacLiammoir

1961 Ray MacNally

1962 Norman Rodway

1963 Vincent Dowling

1964 Hilton Edwards

1965 Barry Cassin

1966 Charles Mitchell

1967 Barry Cassin

1968 P.J. O’Connor

1969 Chris Fitzsimmons

1970 Stanley Hilderbrandt

1971 Roy Seaman

1972 Peter Dutton

1973 Arthur Hodgeson

1974 Sam Mac Cready

1975 John Knipe

1976 Dan Treston

1977 Mike Patterson

1978 Scott Marshall

1979 Bernard Prentice

1980 Rona Laurie

1981 Doris Day

1982 Tom Doherty

1983 Sean Cotter

1984 James Patrick

1985 Mike Patterson

1986 Michael Poynor

1987 Barry Cassin

1988 Pat Burke

1989 Betty Ann Norton

1990 Colin Dolley

1991 P.J. Croal

1992 Alan Nicol

1993 Seamus Hosey

1994 Tom Doherty

1995 John McArdle

1996 Pat Burke

1997 Ann O’Driscoll

1998 Michael Twomey

1999 Irene Rostron

2000 Donn McMullin

2002 Barry Cassin

2003 Tom Doherty

2004 Christopher Fitz-Simon

2005 Terry Byrne

2006 Biddy White Lennon

2007 Jim Wolstencroft

2008 Keith Thompson

2009 Russell Whitely

2010 Paul Fowler

2011 Michael Kaiser

2012 Colin Dolley

2013 Martin Maguire

2014 Tom Byrne

2015 John Carty

2016 Patrick Sutton