‘Earnest’ receives 4 nominations in All Ireland Final

Our time with Oscar and Earnest came to an end on Saturday night at the All Ireland Amateur Drama awards ceremony in the Radisson, Athlone. Congratulations to the overall winners, Prosperous Dramatic Society, whose production of ‘An Enemy of the People’ received awards in acting, directing and stage management.
‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ received four nominations in total:
Rachel O’Connor was nominated for Best Actress for her role as Lady Bracknell;
Sean Donegan was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role as Algernon Moncrieff;
Trish Keane was nominated for Best Set;
Carl Duggan was nominated for Best Stage Management.
Congratulations to all the nominees! Unfortunately we didn’t take any trophies away on the night, but we are still immensely proud of the show we put on in Athlone last week, and we had a great night together to celebrate everything we achieved on the circuit.
Many thanks once again to all our wonderful supporters who have helped and encouraged us on the way.
Ballyshannon Drama Society will be taking a bit of a break from production after months in rehearsal and on the circuit but planning has already begun for the 2020 Confined Finals, and conversations about new productions have begun on the periphery.
Watch this space!