Tonight at the Drama Festival: DADS present ‘Factory Girls’ by Frank Mc Guinness

The festival continues with one of our regular competitions, Dunmore Amateur Dramatic Society (DADS) presenting Frank Mc Guinness’s ‘Factory Girls’.

The Factory Girls tells the story of five working women: hardy ringleader Ellen and factory veteran Una, sharp-tongued Vera, dark horse Rebecca and baby of the bunch, Rosemary. Under the threat of devastating job losses, the “girls” take matters in to their own hands. During the course of their adventure, they discover who and what really counts when the chips are down. Set in the recessionary early 80s, the play still resonates with so much of what affects us politically, socially, and personally: recession, redundancies, lay-offs and the power of collective action. The play was the stunning debut of Frank McGuinness, one of Ireland’s greatest living playwrights, and was first produced in 1982. ‘The Factory Girls’ will feature a superb ensemble cast who will deliver every ounce of wit and banter that gives this wonderful play its real joy. First performed at The Peacock Theatre, Dublin, March 11th 1982.

Curtain at 8.15pm. Tickets available via Abbey Centre box office, and also on the door. €15/€12.