Monday Night at the Drama Festival: Enniskillen Theatre Company present ‘The Lonesome West’

Tonight we welcome Enniskillen Theatre Company to the drama festival with their production of ‘The Lonesome West’ by Martin Mc Donagh.

‘The Lonesome West’ is a play by British-Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, part of his Connemara trilogy, which includes ‘The Beauty Queen of Leenane’ and ‘A Skull in Connemara’. All three plays depict the murderous occurrences in the western Irish town of Leenane. ‘The Lonesome West’ features the constantly arguing brothers Coleman and Valene, whose father has just died in a shotgun ‘accident.’ Valene is only interested in his religious ornaments and drinking poteen. Coleman is only interested in eating, and attends funerals to collect free sausage rolls and vol au vents.

Established in 2019, Enniskillen Theatre Company aimed to participate in the Irish Theatre Festival. In 2020, their first entry faced an unexpected setback due to the onset of COVID-19. Undeterred, in 2022, they reached the finals with the same play at Ballyshannon. In 2023, the group took a breather from competition and dived into lighthearted comedy at home. The group are excited to be back on the road in 2024, and delighted to have the opportunity to present their version of “The Lonesome West” by Martin McDonagh.