Tuesday at the Drama Festival: Corn Mill Theatre present ‘According to Rumour’

Tonight at the Drama Festival, we welcome Corn Mill Theatre with their production of ‘According to Rumour’, a comedy by Robert Scott.

Carter can’t remember exactly what happened last night, but the naked woman emerging from the bedroom is the last person he wants his Mum to find in his flat. And there’s the puzzling matter of the bag of money in his fridge. And he is not sure that his best friend Roger, sister Emma, sister’s fiancé Logan, the maids or the postman will be of any help solving the problem.

Regular visitors to the Abbey Centre, Corn Mill Theatre have won the All Ireland Open section three times in the past: in 1998 with ‘Belfry’ by Billy Roche, in 2005 with ‘Stolen Child’ by Yvonne Quinn and Bairbre Ni Chaoimh and in 2014 with ‘The Devil’s Ceili’ by Philip Doherty & Kevin McGahern.