Meet the Adjudicator: Scott Marshall


IMG_0014Scott Marshall is an actor, director, playwright, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He has adjudicated 33 full length or one-act finals throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. These have included 7 British All-Winners Finals since 1985, 3 Athlone All-Ireland Finals and 6 Irish One-Act Finals.

Informing his adjudications is the experience he has gleaned from every aspect of theatre:

  • having acted for a number of years with many companies including the Lyric Theatre where he played the lead in plays as diverse as ‘The Voice of Shem’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘The Dybbuk’ and Val Iremonger’s ‘Wrap Up My Green Jacket’.
  • having directed a number of societies including the City of Derry Drama Club, 71 Players, the Club Players, the Ulster Operatic Society, twice winning the Producers Award at the Waterford International Festival of Light Opera.
  • having been Drama Critic for the Belfast Telegraph over a number of years and doing occasional art reviews for the BBC.
  • having been a lecturer in English Literature and achieveing a Masters degree in Elizabethan theatre.
  • having adjudicated in Europe and the Middle East and been one of two (the other a Canadian) invited to adjudicate the prestigious World Festival of Amateur Theatre held every 4 years in Monte Carlo, where 24 countries from 5 continents presented the cream of international amateur theatre.

    Scott has recently turned to playwriting and his first full length ‘Home Boy, Home’ was produced professionally by the Playhouse, Derry in 2009 and toured to a number of venues in the province. Scott writes: “It is always with the greatest pleasure and excitement that one comes to a festival, meeting so many fine actors, committed stage crew and imaginative directors, many of whom by now are familiar faces, and indeed friends, whom one has met at so many other festivals over the years. A few hairs may be greyer, a few waistlines wider, a few names harder to remember but the warmth of feeling and the thrill from the stage is always there. I look forward immensely to sharing with you the unique atmosphere of the festival circuit in the coming days.”