Enniskillen Theatre Company – The Night Alive

Enniskillen Theatre Company present
‘The Night Alive’
By Conor Mc Phearson

A play that flutters between the dramatic and comedic realms. The Night Alive
explores the lives of a few lost souls and a chance connection that may change
the path of their future. Tommy is a man who has been drifting through life for
the past two years after becoming estranged from his family. He lives in a bedsit
flat in his uncle’s house in Dublin, making ends meet through whatever crackpot
schemes he and his friend Doc can concoct. When he rescues a struggling
young woman named Aimee, who has been badly beaten, Tommy begins to feel
a glimmer of hope that he can make something of his life. All of that may end,
however, as a man from Aimee’s past makes an unwelcome appearance.

History of the Group
Enniskillen Theatre Company is a very young group, having only been established in 2019. Whilst there is a rich history of amateur drama in Enniskillen, no group from the
town had been involved in festivals for over 40 years, so a few heads got together,
and formed the company with the intention of giving it a try. A committee was
formed, a play was picked, and 2020 saw Enniskillen Theatre Company tentatively
dip their toes into the waters of the Drama festival.