Sunday Night’s Festival Play: DADS present ‘The Gigli Concert’ by Tom Murphy, 7.30pm

Sunday 20th March, 7.30pm

DADS (Confined)


“The Gigli Concert”

by Tom Murphy


J.P.W. King is an Englishman holed up in his Dublin office. He offers his services as a practitioner of ‘Dynamatology’, an organisation that promises spiritual healing and the ultimate in self-realisation to the wounded soul. But JPW himself is wounded, what with his dependence on vodka, the demands of Mona, his mistress, the unobtainable love of his life, Helen, and the big one: Christ, how is he going to get through today? There is a knock on his door: he has a client, an Irishman who wants to sing like Gigli.

Prices – €15/€12