Thursday at the Drama Festival: Phoenix Players present ‘Animal Farm’

Tonight at the Drama Festival, we welcome the Phoenix Players of Tubercurry with their production of ‘Animal Farm’, the dramatisation of George Orwell’s classic novel, directed by Tom Walsh.

Not happy with the way they are being treated, and exploited, the animals of Manor Farm decide to revolt, expel their owner and take over the running of the farm themselves. Based on George Orwell’s classic tale satirising the perils of Stalinism, it is a parable about totalitarianism anywhere, anytime.

Formed in 1945, the Phoenix Players are one of the longest established amateur drama groups in the country, and are very much a community based group. They are regular participants in both the 3-Act and 1-Act Drama Festival circuits, having won the All Ireland1-Act (Confined) Festival in 2021 with their production of Neil Simon’s “Plaza Suite”.